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Contract Manufacturing & Development

Claris' manufacturing facility has been approved by leading regulatory agencies in the world, giving us the capability to formulate, develop and manufacture existing products for various markets through contract manufacturing & related services. The company has capabilities to manufacture new products right from API sourcing till dossier development for regulated and semi-regulated markets.

In Licensing

Claris has its presence in 100 countries across the world with an established team and distribution network. Claris is well-placed to maximize its products' sales potential in numerous markets across the world. Claris offers companies an opportunity to multiply its sales in a short time by leveraging Claris' worldwide sales and distribution network.

What’s New?

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  • ANDA Approvals - Tobramycin Injection USP, Bupivacaine HCL in Dextrose Injection USP, and Flumazenil Injection USP
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