Product Development

Our commitment to research is manifested through unique products developed. A competent product development team endeavors to enhance the generic injectables product basket & value added delivery systems. Novel Drug Delivery System (NDDS) remains the thrust area for us, and we have accelerated efforts towards enhancing it. With expertise in developing niche injectable technologies across multiple delivery systems, experienced workforce managing product development has been instrumental in our growth.

We are in the process of developing and registering products requiring Lyophilization technology platform, which will ensure launch of large number of lyophilized products.

Emotional Pharmacopoeia - Quality Philosophy

At the heart of our Quality Philosophy is the commitment to achieve a level of perfection that matches highest international pharmacopoeial standards. Our final test for Quality is a simple question we ask ourselves without fail -

“Would we use it to treat our dearest ones?”

If the answer is an unhesitant “Yes”, the product has passed our fi­nal Quality test.

We call this “Emotional Pharmacopoeia”.

What’s New?

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  • ANDA Approvals - Tobramycin Injection USP, Bupivacaine HCL in Dextrose Injection USP, and Flumazenil Injection USP
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